Moora Run

In late March we set off on the run up the coast to spend a night in Jurien Bay and then 2 nights at Moora. A great event enjoyed by the occupants of 10 cars.

The start was a tad of a shambles, with not enough parking, heaps of parking meters and a very conscientious parking inspector. A briefing was held under the trees at the rear of the Dome, then the Gnome was introduced and handed to the most deserving participant from the Convent run. The Gnome had a new owner each day, being presented to the car that did the most unforgiving happening. Next, the treasure hunt notes were handed out, which listed 25 very findable items to be bagged over the next 27 hours.

The track from Dome, took us on a range of blacktop through the Swan Valley wine country, prior to heading to rough tracks through the Pinjar pine plantations.  It was obvious that the route notes weren’t very clear as the Ambos were seen by multiple vehicles heading straight through a ‘do not enter sign’ the notes did sat TL and then the Ambos proceeded to get the Fairlane bogged to the axles in the loose sand. As they diverted from the route notes, there were no other cars along the way to pull them out, no shovel no nothing, left them digging it out by hand. Then Dave was seen heading straight up the track in a complete opposite direction to the rest of the cars!!

Into Gingin for lunch, with all but 4 cars arriving in a timely manner with the remaining arriving some 45 minutes later.  In the arvo, an easy run to Jurien Bay where most gather to share stories of the day and other fairy tales.

Friday morning saw us head off via mainly solid gravel roads into Carnamah to visit the tractor museum, a collection of 150 John Deere and Chamberlain models.  Lunch was at “On El of a Good Feed” downtown Carnamah, where the Treasure Hunt concluded. 5 cars got all 25 items, several with neigh on a complete bag and a few tail-enders. The winner had to be the car with the biggest bribe, which was the Ambos. The afternoon saw us have a leisurely run to Moora, with an extended stop en route at Jingemia Cave, which is just north of Watheroo.

Into Moora to the accommodation at either the motel or the caravan park. Saturday morning took us to an extended break at Lang Lookout prior to heading to the CRC at Dandaragan for lunch. The folks at the CRC gave an overview of their activities prior to feasting on a very healthy serve of chicken and salads. Meanwhile, quite a few did extensive shopping at the community shop at the CRC. Prior to leaving we took a groupie pic which was used by the CRC to include with a write up about our visit in the local newspaper.

The trip back to Moora went via extensive farming country and had a stop at the ‘ghostly’ Berkshire Mill Museum. A tad of shopping and a great BBQ was put on for dinner at the caravan park for all, with the BBQ facilities being used again in the am for bacon and eggs for breaky.

A great event, with positive reports from all.